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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We were delighted to meet Jo during our Eastland Pop Up (March-June 2018)

Jo, like a number of our brides, has been in a committed relationship for a number of years, with a beautiful young son. Creating a beautiful ceremony and wedding was important to Jo, whilst also balancing the consideration and reality of current family expenditures.

We are always delighted to assist brides work within a budget, as we have quite a variety of quality gowns on offer. After sending images back and forth, we settled on an appointment and were able to finally present a skirt and bodice combo that was everything a wedding dress should be... and without breaking the budget!

The only alterations Jo needed and wanted, was to extend the back of the bodice, as it was a size too small, but an easy adjustment. As well as change the straps from a narrow silk strap to a wide silk satin ribbon strap.

Jo was able to secure her gown, without compromise, under $1000. We think that's a win!

A last minute and unavoidable setback meant the planned photographer could not make it on the day. We sent a shoutout to some of our favourite photographers, and the lovely David from That's The Shot Photography was able to step in and tailor a package that was able to suit their budget.

Gorgeous Flowers by Honeysuckle and Rose

Dress was a sample gown from Whimsical White

Thank you to Jo and David for these lovely photos.

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