Last minute gown for an international bride!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

With the type of service we run, we quite often meet brides with unique time sensitive needs.

Enter... Åsa!

Åsa met her husband to be, Aussie,Cameron in her home country of Sweden. Åsa was making the big move to make Melbourne her new home only 1 week before her wedding!

In preparing for her wedding, a kind friend of the bride had offered to make her a wedding dress. However, making bridal gowns can be a bit of a new experience for a novice, and unfortunately the fit and finish didn't turn out as hoped.

Tash, from was the fabulous wedding planner and stylist in Melbourne, coordinating with Åsa's future mother in law to get the details perfect for her arrival and subsequent wedding.

Tash gave me a call with an urgent request to see if the gown that had been sent ahead of the bride could be altered and adjusted to suit. Unfortunately, it couldn't.

What transpired next was a wonderful team effort. Tash, the wedding planner, roped in a friend who was a body double for the bride's measurements and we conducted a group appointment with the wedding planner, body double, future mother in law and future sister in law.

Trying on options, & taking photos the dream team and bride decided on a beautiful silk crepe skirt (from my own design collection) and creating a custom bodice to go with it.

I worked with Tash to finalise details for the bodice fabric and made a calico toile to fit on Åsa when she arrived in Melbourne. The bride came to me directly from the airport for her fitting and the dress was ready in a few days for the weekend wedding!

This was such a beautiful experience as a stylist and designer to work with a wonderful team that was 100% supportive of ensuring the bride would have a beautiful wedding.

Stunning photography by Yvonne

(Thinking of adding your own personal flair to your own wedding gown style? You can search for separates in our online store and chat to us about bodice or skirt options to create your unique style)

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