Zero Waste Wedding - The Rogue Ginger

It is always delightful to work with every bride that finds their way to us, but I have to say it is fantastic when we are able to work with brides who have sustainability at the core of their lifestyle.

Erin is a low waste ambassador with an authentic way of living that is truly inspirational. As a society, I know we are all a work in progress, so if you'd like to read up on some tips, definitely drop by her blog at

Erin outlines her wedding planning process on her website as well as her book, which are full of fabulous tips in planning a low waste/zero waste wedding. You can find the blog post here.

Erin's dress was especially special to me, as I had originally custom designed and made this personally for a client who then wanted to pass it along to another bride. It is a joy to see a garment that I worked on being loved by multiple wearers! Erin is now also passing this along to another bride. You can find the details of her gown here.

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