How to Wear a Veil and the Different Hairstyles to Go with it

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Tips from Instyle Hair for Brides

While the veil is a crucial part of your wedding attire, for some reason, it is one of the

details that often get overlooked until the last minute. No one can blame every bride

who misses, though. With all of the wedding planning and preparation items on your

checklist, it is perfectly understandable. Now that we are at it, let us dive into the

reasons why it is important for every soon-to-be wives to carefully choose their

wedding veils.

Every wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. This means you will get to wear your

wedding attire only once. Hence, the ensemble must look perfect in a way that

speaks to and for you. Plus, the event will most likely be highly photographed.

Imagine looking back on your wedding photographs years from now. You might even

inspire a future child or grandchild to wear your wedding veil. All the more you should

put your best foot forward, right? But first things first: What does it take to have a

perfect wedding veil on your special day?

Most people have the idea that the veil should match the bridal wedding gown. In

reality, however, it can get a little trickier. Every bride should also aim to wear one

that goes with her hairstyle. It must also complement the frame of her face. Hence, it

is crucial to team up with a hair stylist who specializes in bridal beauty.

To give you a head start, we made you a list of various hairstyles every bride can

wear to rock this classic bridal accessory.

Bridal hairstyle idea with low set updo with wedding veil
Bridal veil with low set updo

1. Low Set Wedding Updo

Planning to wear a clean updo on your big day? Low updos, such as a chignon, and

romantic messy buns are invading the trend. Also, these are very versatile for this,

you can choose from a wide range of veil lengths and wear these with or without a

blusher, or the part of the veil that covers the face. This hairstyle also works for when

you prefer wearing a crown or styling your veil as a mantilla.

Simply place the veil above where the majority of your hair is gathered. This way, the

veil has extra support, especially if the material is heavy or if you are planning to go

for a cathedral-length veil. For when wearing a lighter fabric, on the other hand,

attach the veil underneath your hair, right beneath the base of your neck.

Bridal hairstyle idea with hair out with wedding veil
Bridal style, hairstyle idea with long veil

2. All Down

Are you letting your hair down on your special day? Who says you cannot rock those

tousled curls and big waves? This hairstyle is a perfect partner for any wedding

gown, minimalist or heavily designed alike.

You can pull off loose hair with a veil, just make sure the latter is strongly supported

by enough bobby pins underneath.

Recommended bridal pieces for this style are a mantilla as well as a Juliet cap and

the classic tulle veils.

Bridal hairstyle idea with side swept hairstyle with wedding veil
Side swept bridal hair with veil

3. Side Swept

This asymmetrical yet romantic hairstyle can go along with a range of styles and

lengths. However, this is famous for being topped with a classic tulle veil!

You can pull off this seemingly effortless hairstyle by wearing your veil at the crown

of your head, with or without a blusher. With this, a perfect view of your beautiful face

and hair is shown without compromising your veil's support!

Bridal hairstyle idea with ponytail with wedding veil
Ponytail bridal hairstyle inspiration

4. Ponytail

It can be pretty difficult to imagine seeing a veil on ponytailed hair, but it is not as

hard as it sounds as long as you get one that is specially made for this hairstyle. You

can attach it using a special bridal pin or comb.

Bridal hairstyle idea with hair half up with wedding veil
Bridal hair half up

5. Half-Up, Half-Down

Another versatile hairstyle is the Half-Up, Half-Down. Not only does this style gives

the veil a secure foundation, but it also fits a variety of face shapes and hair length.

For this, most brides opt for multiple tiered veils or long sweeping ones, making them

look more complex and interesting.

To wear this, simply position the veil right above where both parts of your hair

intersect. This way, the comb is secured. A special hair accessory or a bridal comb,

on the other hand, can be placed either above or underneath the veil.


Do you want to know how to keep your veil in place regardless of your hairstyle?

Pinning your veil down on your hair using bobby pins in an X position or intersecting

it to a few teeth of a bridal comb will do the trick. To make your overall look extra,

you can also opt for bridal hair pins.

Do you need help achieving your chosen hairstyle on your wedding day? Book your

trusted hairstylist as soon as possible! At Instyle Hair for Brides, we ensure bridal

hair and makeup that matches your wedding gown and veil.

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect outfit, we can help you find it as well. The

wide selection curated by our colleagues at Love Me Twice has something to suit

you. However, if you have a particular design in mind, their team can also create one

for you! We would love to see your vision and help you manifest it!


Thank you to the team at Instyle Hair For Brides for creating this brief guide for us to share with our brides. The options for hairstyles are endless!

Chatting with your hairstylist will assist you in defining your personal style.

We look forward to seeing how our brides style themselves on their big day. Tag us @lmt_bridal to share your look with current brides planning their day!

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