Modifying to modest.

Elaine found her dream dress, however some adjustments were needed to ensure it was suitable for her wedding day. (Religious reasons)

I was delighted to work with Elaine to create the changes to her gown.

What we ended up adding to the dress was a raised neckline both front and back. This included creating a lining for the bodice (and sleeves) along with applique added to fill in the gaps.

The zip was taken in and with the extra length in the back we added in loops and buttons all the way up.

An added detachable train was a glamorous addition, which we made from a shimmer tulle in a matching blush colour and added lace along the top for a seamless look.

A stunning bride and a beautiful person to create with, it was wonderful to work on this to achieve the details that were important to her to feel that she could get married in a dress without compromise.

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