When should I start looking for my dress?

As a bride, looking for your dress can be an exciting prospect for some. In the search for pre-loved, you will be looking for a dress that is going to work for your style and budget as well as being close to your measurements. 

Once you know what type of style you are looking for and you know what your budget is, start keeping your eye open for gowns that might suit.

It is advisable to not leave it too last minute, as you may need to arrange alterations for a more personalised fit.

Because you are looking for a gown that already exists, you may want to still start 6-12 months before your wedding date, as this keeps your options open to have time to make adjustments and transformations! 

The best part about looking for pre-loved dresses is that if you are on a tight timeframe, you are always going to be able to find a gorgeous gown! (The closest time frame we ever had in our boutique was 1 week before the wedding! The bride still found a perfect option!)

How do I find a dress through Love Me Twice?

We currently have 2 options to suit most brides:

  1. Styling studio and boutique at Eastland. This is a personalised appointment that evolves around your ideas as we progress through style options. Every appointment is with one of our stylists, who can advise on fit & potential alteration costs. Book your appointment here.

  2. Gowns are also available to search through our classifieds website Search and visit individual sellers in their homes for a direct and flexible approach to searching for a pre-loved dress. Gowns available can be found on our classifieds website here. Discussions regarding availability is between you and the seller only. Love Me Twice is not involved in the details of the sale.


I would like to sell my wedding dress. Can I drop it into your store?

Gowns are selected to ensure a variety of styles and sizes are available for prospective brides. Our service is also strictly by appointment only. If you are interested in the possibility of placing your gown on consignment, please see details here.

How do I sell my dress?

Love me twice offers a range of options to cater for the differing needs of both brides and sellers.

1- Boutique.


Our signature boutique consignment service now has openings for placements.

This is a curated collection of gowns from our private sellers, managed by us in a boutique retail environment.

Your gown is placed in a collection amongst other pre-loved/new gowns that brides can select from in a serviced environment.

Our skilled stylists work with individual brides to navigate style preferences and correct sizing. Alterations advice is provided along with payment processing facilities.

Fees outlined in our Consignment consideration form here.




2- Online advertisement only.


This is available to everyone which allows interested brides to contact you directly. This arrangement is between you and the potential customer.


We do not get involved in any part of the sales process.

There is a flat fee for your advertisement. A one time $45 for private sellers (Single listing) or $90 per year for commercial sellers (List as many gowns as you like).

  • Market days. A one day event is held in an open style market format. These occur 1-2 times per year. Please note that due to Covid considerations, until further notice, we are unable to host market days for sellers.

If I advertise my dress, will it sell?

Selling pre-loved gowns can sometimes be like finding the right fit for a Cinderella slipper!

As your dress is already made up, it is a matter of finding the right bride at the right time with the right budget for your gown.

This can sometimes be a few weeks and can sometimes take a few years or not at all.

However, if you don't put it out there and promote it, no one will know it exists and it won't sell.

As brides these days are heavily influenced by the fast paced changes of trends and social media, the longer you wait to promote it, the chances of your audience narrows.

Advertising and promoting is an opportunity, not a guarantee, that your dress will sell.

How much should I advertise my dress for?

In general we find that most brides are happy to spend around 50% of the original purchase price. Newer dresses (current collections) can sometimes fetch up to 60%-70% of the original price. 

Gowns that are older than one year (or no longer in current collections available at boutiques) seem to fetch anywhere from 20%-50% of the original price.





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