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nRead with IE8+JavaScript Enabled/HTML5 EncodingmOpen as PDF Municipal-Style Lease Plans for D.C. in the USA / Municipal-Style Lease Plans for D.C. in the USA CONTENTS Introduction The ideal municipal-style rent control regulations currently exist in the District of Columbia, Oregon, and several other States and local jurisdictions in the United States and elsewhere. In this document, we compare those ideal municipal-style lease plans with our ideas for municipal-style lease plans for the District of Columbia. What is D.C. rent control? Under the District of Columbia’s Rent Control Law, the rent on any residential property can never be increased at more than the percentage increase of the CPI as measured by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Consumer Price Index has been an historic index for measuring inflation since the 1950’s. The CPI measures changes in the prices of goods and services available to consumers. However, many goods and services (for example, software, apparel, entertainment) which are not required for survival are not included in the CPI. The District’s rent control plan differs from some cities in that there are no annual, quarterly, or even monthly caps on rents. Who’s the landlord? The typical landlord who wants to set the rent at whatever level they choose is not a private landlord who owns the building and occupies a business space, they’re the city. The city is the landlord. Who’s the tenant? The typical tenant who is protected by the city’s rent control plan is either a family whose income is too high to afford market rent on a home (unless they qualify for substandard housing tax credits) or a low-income family who cannot afford market rate rent. They can’t afford to pay market rate rent, the market rate rent is too high. There are many ways that low income families can be tenants for whom the rent controls serve a purpose. For example, if a family wants to live in a neighborhood that is safer for children, they’re not going to be able to afford market rate rents and the rent controls are an important tool in the solution. Or if a family cannot afford market rate rent, the rent controls provide a way for them to pay the rent. Additionally, the rent




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Nihongo Sou Matome N4 Pdf 319 gerrlan
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