Gown Sizing & Measurements

Every brand can have different sizing, along with samples and custom made, that may be adjusted to fit. Please compare fit and sizing, and advise what your size is according to the chart below. 


Please note, the incremental sizing is for fine tailoring usually associated with bridal and might not reflect sizing that are on garment labels. Please use this sizing as well as those that are on garment labels and use this sizing chart when filling out your registration form. 

Size          4             6             8             10             12             14             16             18             20          

Bust        85cm             87cm            90cm              93cm               96cm             100cm            104cm               110cm               119cm       

Waist      63cm             65cm            67cm              70cm                74cm              77cm              81cm                  88cm               103cm

Bottom  89cm             90cm             93cm              95cm                99cm             103cm            107cm                114cm              122cm



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