Our Classifieds section to this website is dedicated to our private sellers. These gowns are not available in our boutique. Arrangements to view gowns need to be made with each seller via their listings.

Our sellers are generous past brides who are looking forward to another bride enjoying their gown as much as they did.


They have priced their gowns at their ideal selling price. However, if you can see your perfect pre loved wedding dress , but it is not in budget, it can't hurt to ask!

Know your measurements! 

Every brand is different, along with every woman.

Your best tool when searching for a pre loved wedding gown, is to know your measurements.

The Love Me Twice sizing below is an attempt to categorise gowns to the smallest measurement of each dress.

Many types of alterations are possible, however, if you can find a gown that cna at least suit your largest measurement, it is usually easier to take in a bridal gown, as opposed to making it bigger.

As measurements can vary for every gown, it can be worth looking at gowns in the size above and below. Check every listing for details on the sizing of their wedding dress.

wedding dresses

size 4

size 6

size 8

size 10

size 12

size 14

size 16

size 18

size 20

size 22+

debutante dresses



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